Hail Repair

Hailstorm damage is a car owner’s worst nightmare. It can happen anywhere, and it will wreck your vehicle's surface, leaving it covered with small dents and dings.

Repairing hail damage is not an easy for most repair shops. They may turn you away if the vehicle is too severely damaged or charge you an outrageous price to fix it. Not at Mr. Dent, when other repair shops say “Hail No”!, we say “Hail Yes”! Yes to tough jobs! Yes to faster repair times! And, yes to saving you money! So you ask Mr. Dent…

Are your paintless dent technicians highly experienced?

Hail Yes! Our technicians are experienced and well trained in using the latest innovations to repair all type of dents, dings, and hail storm damage. We pride ourselves in repairing vehicles that other dent repair companies could not repair properly. Yes, that means we fix the dents that other dent companies cannot repair! Satisfaction is guaranteed. Every repair we do is high-quality.

Will my vehicle maintain its pre-damage value?

Hail Yes! if the hail damage has not compromised the exterior panel paint finish, paintless dent removal will not decrease the value of your vehicles.

Can you save me money?

Hail Yes! Hail damage is never a planned expense, and insurance companies may require you to pay a deductible for the repair, that is why we have a program to help you pay for your repair. To assist you with the unplanned expense, we offer deductible rebate program for hail damage. We will refund you the cost of your paid deductible after the repair is paid in full. We will also offer the same savings to those vehicle owners that do not have hail coverage, we will take $500 off the total cost of the repair if you do not have an insurance coverage.

Don’t ever be told Hail No! Let us service your vehicle and give it back to you looking as good as new and at a much lower cost.

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