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Mr. Dent Specialized Wholesale Automotive Technician service, known also as MRD SWAT, is a convenient and cost-effective way to make sure your company’s fleet, Automobile dealership's or auction’s for-sale vehicles are in optimal condition.

Our SWAT teams provide a full scope of services and affordable pricing to dealerships, leasing companies, corporations with fleets, and auto auctions.

Each SWAT team consists of the following:

  • SWAT Team Leader – Who has responsibility for overall team performance, training, and client satisfaction.
  • Dealer Representative – Who serves as the customer liaison, walks lots to assess needs, schedules repairs, addresses challenges, and ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Specialized technicians – Who do a variety of repair and reconditioning work, including:

Our MRD SWAT teams will visit your business on scheduled deployments to sure up your fleets or prepare your vehicles for sale. Our expert repair and reconditioning services improve resale value, helping you maximize the investment you’ve made in your vehicles.

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I will do all that my team requires and demands of me.

I will conduct myself as a professional at all times 
and I will not behave in a manner that will bring discredit to the team.

I will respect all members of the team, the team leadership, and all customers. 

I will report on time and consistently.

I will not abandon my customer, my responsibilities, or my team.

I will not surrender or quit an assignment under even the worst circumstances.

I will fight to repair every imperfection.

I will teach and lead those who come to repair after me.



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